Black Butterfly Hoodie

Black Butterfly Hoodie

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    • A butterfly represents rebirth and hope and that is what this hoodie symbolizes. The Black butterfly is what historians labeled the black neighborhoods in Baltimore. On a map, it literally looks like a butterfly! Though it was meant to segregate and create an economic divide between black and white people, that isn’t the only interpretation. We see problems as opportunities! BMORE AMONG THE STARS is meant to inspire others to think big and strive for better through bad situations.

- “Black Butterfly” pressed left chest

- “BMORE AMONG THE STARS” pressed back

- 32oz Luxury black 100% organic cotton hoodie

4" wide, double folded, flat-knit side ribbing for flexibility

- Adjustable drawstring hood

- Front kanga pocket

- Contains no toxic dyes, chemical fertilizers or pesticides, or formaldehyde