Build. Grow. Sell with Made@Dent!


Are you looking for a way to make, sell, scale, or showcase your products or services?

If so check out these services available to you:

BRANDED PRODUCTS & Swag: Build your brand and let us do the heavy lifting! Hire us to incorporate your logo on products like face masks, t-shirts, beanies, and more.

Ex. "My business needs 200 face masks with our logo on it for mid-year donor gifts"

Product Manufacturing: Scale your business with Made@Dent! We provide maker-space equipment and the option to hire our makers to help build your product.

Ex. "I make t-shirts that I sell to my friends. I want to reach more customers."

Shipping, Packaging, and Fulfillment: Get your products to the world! Made@Dent fulfills, packages, and ships your product orders from our facility at 1100 Wicomico.

Ex. "I’m an author who needs help getting books to the public."

3d Printing: Design and create products that fit your needs! We 3-D print products for you.

Ex. "I have a cool invention that I need printed in bulk."

Delivered By Dent: For Baltimore-made products and businesses! A cargo bike delivery service that is good for the planet and good for people.

Ex. "I’m a jewelry designer who wants to reach my Baltimore audience with sustainable delivery."


If you're interested in partnering with Made@Dent for any of their services, fill out this Form.  

Contact: OR
Call: Micky Wolf @ 210-878-8521 IF you have further questions!

Available only to denters 

Marketplace: Get your products the exposure they deserve! We list and promote your creations on our e-commerce website

Ex. "I’m on a team that designs clothing and wants to reach a new audience."

If you're a Denter and interested in these services or marketplace Please Fill out this Form and someone from the client service will get back to you on next steps and explain how you can list on the marketplace!

Contact: OR

Slack @Assi Sy IF you have further questions!