What PPE do you sell?

Currently, we are selling face shields. We are also developing face masks and respirators -- check back for updates!

What are product specifications?

Product specifications can be found under product listings or in this document

Who are you selling to?

Our PPE is available for anyone who might need them (e.g. essential businesses, non-profits, healthcare workers, frontline workers, etc.). As restrictions ease and PPE becomes more common for everyone, face shields are a great way to stay safe while in public. 

How do you maintain product safety and quality?

All products are decontaminated / disinfected at least three times during the production process, including before final packaging. Producers and volunteers follow strict safety protocol when handling PPE.

Are your products FDA approved or authorized? 

This product has been authorized by the FDA under an EUA for medical use as per Section 564 of the Act 21 U.S.C. §360bbb-3. Both the manufacturer and the product meet the Conditions and Scope of Authorization laid out by the FDA. This product has not been FDA approved.

How many should I buy?

These face shields are designed for single use, though the materials can be cleaned with alcohol-based disinfectants. We would recommend buying at least 2 weeks’ worth (10 shields) per frontline worker on your team.

Where does my money go?

$1 of each face shield goes directly to our youth makers, Baltimore City high-schoolers, - students earn $1 per face shield and to fund the supplies, parts and the workers production of PPE.

    How fast can you ship?

    Estimated ship times based on volume:

    • 10-100 units: usually ships within 24-48 hours
    • 101-500 units: usually ships within 3-5 days
    • 501-1,000 units: usually ships within 5-7 days
    • Over 1,000 units: usually ships within 1-2 weeks

    You can reach out to Micky (micky@denteducation.org) to get a more accurate estimate.

    I need face shields but don’t have a limited or no budget. Do you offer discounts or donate units?

    Our primary goal is to keep our community safe and to help! While we have priced our face shields to be as affordable as possible (while paying students and covering costs), we are able to offer discount codes or even donate units to those in need. Reach out to sale@madeatdent.com to request discounts, donations, or put us in touch with those in need of PPE.

    I don’t need PPE but love what you’re doing! How can I help?

    We are only able to produce our PPE thanks to the collaboration and efforts of over 30 volunteers. We primarily need drivers and help with performing quality control -- sign up here to get involved!

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