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“Made@Dent has created a high quality face shield for our employees to safely care for the special needs individuals we serve. Their customer service and quick response to orders has made our face shield purchases quick and easy. We highly recommend Made@Dent.”

Living Sans Frontieres

"I’ve been so down and conflicted about everything going on. But focusing my mind on making these face shields and knowing they are saving lives is part of what keeps me going."

Student Denter

"This whole initiative has been an example of the power of our city's youth and a community coming together to help one another."


"Dent is an amazing organization working to improve the lives of both the youth and community through an incredible collaborative effort."


Safety + Quality

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Delivered by Dent

The Delivered by Dent Experience

What is Delivered by Dent?

Delivered by Dent is a new way for local businesses to send their products to their clients. Delivered by Dent couriers pickup and deliver products to the businesses' respective customers.

Variety of Products From Our Clients

Below you can find some of the products we'd be happy to deliver to you!

Wight Tea

Motzi Bread

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