Who Am I- By Taylor Alexander

I am Tenacious and Curious

I wonder will history forever be a time loop

I hear the walls give me advice

I see my anime role models speak to me

I want to discover the truth of mankind

I am Tenacious and Curious


I pretend I am a music star

I feel like my mind is slowly dripping away

I touch the leaves of Mars which feel dreadful yet peaceful

I worry my life will end too soon

Whether it be because of me

Or the color of my skin will be the reason why I can no longer breathe

I am Tenacious and Curious

I understand that we have 1 physical human body

But my legacy will transcend me 

I say Black Lives Matter

I stand with My brothers sister across the ocean, Because as far as we are apart we face the same problems as though we are windows to one another  

I stand with the LGBTQ+ community, we love one another let it be platonically or romantically 

So why can’t that same philosophy be expressed by a different philosopher 

I stand with the Muslim Lives as they are in danger, And they require the same respect  

I stand with Asian Lives as they are in danger as well, as they are oppressed as well

I will use my voice to speak on these issues that need to be change here on planet earth 


I dream of just black space when it comes to working on me, myself, and I 

I try to concentrate, but my thoughts just run as if I am a track star in the olympics 

I hope to get far in life to become peaceful

I am Tenacious and Curious

I wonder What tech will be made in 2040

I want to be free and dream free

I worry my anxiety will never leave me

I say I'm fine  when I know that was a white lie

I try to see the finish line

 I am Tenacious and Curious..

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