Dear Next Generation- By Amari Fleet

     It's me again, the girl who's starting to understand that I am a resource for you. The girl who wants to make a difference in this world by using a little pen, some paper, and her voice. You see writing is an outlet. It allows this here girl to create worlds, speak out against things, and tell her story. The beginning of this crazy adventure is one of many, but mine started at the place I get all of my education

Music was my passion, the feeling of writing lyrics on a page and making beats behind it pulled me into that field however, once joining Bet on Baltimore (BOB) I was recruited into Social Innovation and found a new passion for writing. Once accessing my new form of writing, the big question was proposed “What does your ideal Baltimore look like?”.

For a lot of us it was either Mass Incarceration or dealing with the recently incarcerated. Majority ruled and Mass Incarceration was the winner. Now with the topic “Mass Incarceration” there are so many things to think about. Our goal was to target the children who are struggling with having an incarcerated loved one and how they should deal with it in a way that wouldn't ruin them.

Obviously this was when I started really discovering my “hidden talent” and the birth of a book idea was born. The way I see it, even affecting one person will make my goal complete. The creation of a book for children to read and interact with as they are going through hard times.

When a child opens one of the books my team and I worked so hard on, I want them to feel comfortable. I want them to have the opportunity my little cousin didn't have growing up. Opportunity, the word opportunity has so many meanings. An open door, that no one has ever seen and when someone sees that door open just a little bit...they run to it with all the adrenaline in their body trying to reach that opportunity that just maybe could change their life.

We surround ourselves with the people who can help us reach our opportunity time and push us to be the best people ever. Framily is the combination of friends and family. The people that support you and advise you the best way possible are the people that really care for you. We as team Framily started out as just strangers, who turned into friends, who is now family. The people you call family don't always have to be blood related. But family should always be there through the good, bad, ugly, and beautiful. At the end of the day, we create the world we want to live in. It's just a matter of will you cease the opportunity to make it a better place. Stay great!    

With lots of love,
            Amari Fleet

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