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Meet our team

Made@Dent is a social enterprise, co-owned and co-run by Baltimore youth and non-profit Dent Education, that builds to better lives.

We are young entrepreneurs channeling our creativity into designing and manufacturing products that meet our community’s ever-changing needs. Along the way, we are developing design thinking and business skills as we build a real venture.

We are not only a business, but a family that provides a brave community space for other youth. Although we aren’t (all!) related, we always support and look out for one another.

Made@Dent is a platform for Denters to build their talents and sell their own products and services on our website. Our Youth Co-Owners set an example for all youth to know that you can accomplish a great deal at an early age. There’s no need to wait, let’s make a dent!

Thank you for visiting, shopping, and supporting us! 


Assi Sy

Client Services 

Zhadyn Beckwith

Product Development 

Joshua Chiosi

3D Printing

Lucas Lee

Deliver By Dent

Kameron Woodraum

Data & Tech 

Oluwasefunmi"Shay" Oluwafemi




Hailey Jordan