Build with Made@Dent


Awards & Trophies

Need an award or trophy that is as unique as your organization, cause, or recipient? Look no further than Made@Dent for a truly memorable commemorative product. Our team of staff and student designers will work with you to design and fabricate an award to be remembered.


 Branded Merchandise

Need branded merchandise for your next retreat, trade show, or holiday party? With a 3D printer farm, laser cutting suite, CNC vinyl cutters, and more, Made@Dent can help you customize many types of product blanks with your logo or design.


Custom Apparel

Let Made@Dent help you design and produce your apparel design. With our team of designers and ability to apply both heat transfer vinyl and sublimation ink to a range of garments, Made@Dent can fulfill your apparel needs.


Custom Designed 3D Prints + More

For help designing and fabricating unique products, look no further than Made@Dent. Our 3D modeling, 3D printing and laser cutting capabilities allow us to take your ideas to physical product in no time!