Build. Grow. Sell with Made@Dent

Human Centered Products

Youth get to know you, your goals, your stakeholders, and your ethos, then design & make logos/products to convey the message you want to send.

Ex: Through interviews, we learned Fearless has values of transparency, standing out like a purple cow, and they wanted to connect their growing team; M@D created Name Plates for everyone’s desk using transparent purple acrylic. 


 Branded Swag

Add your design to one of the products M@D already offers.

Ex: your company logo on notebooks or tote bags, 


Custom Maker Products

 Building custom products using a wide-range of maker skills that promotes your org/cause in a unique way

Ex: Parity Homes wants to commemorate their funders and new homeowners by resin casting pieces of rubble found in their refurbished homes.


3D Printing  

3D printing can be used for cool and unique custom products, manufacturing prototyping a manufacturing piece, designing game pieces, or meeting needs around your home or office.

Ex: MyFurrs Guitars 3D printed  50+ guitar parts for their buildable guitars teaching young people about music and STEAM.


Available only to Denters


The Made@Dent Marketplace allows you to get your products the exposure they deserve! We list and promote your creations on our e-commerce website.

Ex: "I’m on a team that designs clothing and wants to reach a new audience." For more examples check out our products page to see more denter created and sold products!


Contact: OR Slack @Raheem if you have further questions!